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Profession (Courtesan) PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Thomas Dailey   
Saturday, 15 September 2007

(Wis; Trained Only; Armor Check Penalty)

Like all professions, that of the courtesan includes a wide range of diverse skills, many of which have variations based on a particular culture or milieu (e.g., in India it encompasses the "64 arts" of Hindu culture and the adornment of idols, in Japan it includes the performance of the tea ceremony).  In all cultures, however, it's a skills include both the art of seduction and practical knowledge of etiquette, art, fashion, cosmetics, décor, heraldry, gossip, witty conversation, and games.  (Courtesans can acquire deeper understanding of certain areas through the Knowledge skill).

Check: Courtesans frequently combine their proficiency in dance, singing, and other uses of the Perform skill in the application of their professions.  Successful use of such a skill can provide +2 synergy bonus on subsequent Profession (Courtesan) skill checks (must have 5 or more ranks in the Perform skill and use it in conjunction with Profession (Courtesan) to gain the +2 synergy bonus).

A character with 4 or more ranks in Profession (Courtesan) can attempt to seduce other creatures and bend them to her will, with effects similar to those produced by Charm Person (with a caster level being equivalent to the number of ranks in this skill -3), but potentially much more powerful if attempted by a skilled practitioner.  Such attempts are opposed by a Will saving throw.  A Courtesan may use either her Wisdom or her Charisma modifier for such an attempt.  In order to successfully use this skill, the Courtesan's skill check must both meet the DC of the task she is attempting (detailed in the chart below) and overcome the creature's Will saving throw (if applicable).  Note that the seduction does not have to be solely sexual in nature, but could involve power, knowledge, or even food.





Apply cosmetics; appropriately decorate a home, shrine, or other familiar area.


Determine whether particular décor, clothing, etc., are fashionable; compound basic cosmetics or perfumes.   


Seduce a normal person (e.g. a Commoner or Warrior).


Determine class or social level of a character after at least 10 minutes of observation (+1 to DC for each minute less).  Also opposed by a bluff check if the character is consciously trying to hide it.


Seduce a specialized person (e.g. Adept, Expert, or Noble).


Seduce an adventurer (e.g. any character class levels).


Seduce an apparently unseducible being (e.g., a dragon, a high-level, chaste Paladin or celibate Cleric, a semi-intelligent automaton).


            Retry: Yes.  However, failure can have consequences as determined by the GM.  For example, failure to seduce someone might lead to them becoming enraged, failure to correctly ascertain a character's class might improperly influence subsequent actions, etc.

            Special: Racial and class preferences can apply to Courtesan skill checks, as can the personal tastes of NPC's (e.g. Elven courtesans suffer -2 on checks against Rangers who have chosen Elves as an enemy).  Penalties from -2 to -4 could be applied on attempts at the GM's discretion. Armor penalties on Courtesan skill checks are one greater for all armor types.  Special armor may reduce these penalties (e.g. well crafted, tight, black leather armor). 

*Profession (Courtesan) is adapted from a version originally found in Experts V.3.5, published by Skirmisher Publishing, LLC.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 15 September 2007 )